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Access Statement

There are currently 2 main entrances to The Green Room’s Hotel. When accessing the Green Room’s Hotel Accommodation, for disabled guests the most direct access is via the car park.


The accommodation is set out in 3 sections.

  • Rooms 1 – 5 comprise 1st section
  • Rooms 6,7 & 8 comprise 2nd section
  • Rooms 9 to 15 comprise 3rd section ground floor
  • Rooms 16 to 18 comprise 3rd section 1st floor

Please note: As Room 15 is a Disabled (Double) Room this is the most suitable for more disabled guests.

From the Car Park

To 1 st Section: There are 5 steps down into the building. To the right and around the corner is the entrance to the Hotel roms. There is 1 step down to the hotel door and once throughthe door there are 14 steps up on a winding staircase. There is 1 further step up to rooms 1 & 2 to the left.

Rooms 3, 4 & 5 are accessed to the left. Rm 3 is accessed through 1 Fire Door.  To access rooms 4 & 5 there is a further Fire Door and 2 steps down. (Please note: there are 2 steps down inside Rm 5).

To 2nd Section: This section of the Hotel is accessed from the bottom of the Car Park. Through the Hotel door there is 1 step down into the building, then 7 steps to Rms 6 & 7, and a further 14 steps up to Rm 8.

To 3rd Section: This section (Rms 9 to 15) can be accessed on one level from the Car Park, a short walk away. Note: the Car Park is gravel and therefore slightly uneven.

To 3rd Section (Rms 16 to 18) there are 14 steps at each end of the corridor.

All of the above are accessed from the Car Park entrance into the Hotel.

For access into The Green Room Hotel from the Front Entrance

Section 1: On the level through the courtyard, through double door, up 1 step and 1 step down to Hotel as per above.

Section 2: On the level through the Courtyard, through double door, up 1 step, out through door to Car Park, up 5 steps, on the level to bottom of Car Park and through door into Section 2.

Section 3: For Rooms 9 to 15: on the level through the courtyard, up a flight of 10 steps, into corridor.

For Rooms 16 to 18: through the corridor, 1 Fire Door and up 14 stairs.

Access to The Green Room’s Restaurant from the Hotel

From Section 1: Turn around the corner to the right at the bottom of the Hotel stairs, down the 5 steps into Reception and through to the Restaurant. OR turn to the left from the bottom of the Hotel steps, down the Courtyard, 1 step at the bottom into Reception through into Restaurant.

From Section 2: At the bottom of the stairs, down 1 step to the right through the door to the Bar.

From Section 3: Through the Car Park into Reception door. Turn left, down 5 steps through Reception into Restaurant. Please note: for wheelchair users, there is an alternative route around the block on one level, giving access from the front of The Green Room’s Restaurant in Wine Street. Approx 3 – 5 minute walk.

A Disability toilet is situated on the ground floor adjacent to the restaurant. For wheelchair users: There is an alternative ground level door from the front of the building (in Wine Street) which may be more suitable for larger wheelchair bases. Please call to arrange access to this entrance.

The Green Room

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The Green Room Yeovil

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